Orla Whelan

Visual Artist

Chaos Bewitched – The Merrion Plinth Award

Chaos Bewitched, 2019, oil paint on birchwood wedges on glass, 40 x 45 x 40 cm
Chaos Bewitched, The Merrion Hotel, Dublin
Side view of Chaos Bewitched

Chaos Bewitched was winner of the inaugural Merrion Plinth Award in 2019. The contemporary art prize was selected by judges Oonagh Young, Patrick Murphy and Lachlann Quinn. Chaos Bewitched is comprised of approximately 70 birch wood wedges which have been individually hand painted with oil paint, and assembled to form a three dimensional painting. This has been mounted on a bespoke toughened glass base. The piece is currently on display at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin.

The Merrion Plinth Award 2019